My true purpose has always been studying the mind


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“There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.” ~  Jiddu Krishnamurti 


the study

About me or my story actually starts with “ABOUT THEM”, meaning the incredible souls I have learned from along my journey.

Before I tell you about myself, let me tell you about some of the “traits” of the most important people that have influenced my own life experiences and lessons.  Through my extensive research, study and discoveries, the best teachers in the world are actually students first, always willing to learn themselves.

They are humble and open to new revelations and are seldom set in their ways, instead preferring to be changed rather than to be right.  That doesn’t mean that they are not single minded in there pursuit of true knowledge.  In most cases their pilgrimage into the mind was their lifes work.  

To discover true self knowledge requires at times a significant sacrifice and an unwavering dedication of the heart and mind.  All of this must be mixed with an authentic desire to go beyond the ordinary mind, which demands inner courage, unwavering honesty and real humility.

To all of these great individuals and to a few in particular, I give special thanks because without your wisdom I would be forever lost in thought, forever left listening to the voice in my own mind and forever doomed to a life of pursuing all the wrong things for all of the wrong reasons.

To you all I owe more than my life, I owe you my willingness to work hard on myself so i can pass on these lessons to those brave souls, who know there is great inner wealth beyond the confinements of the unconditioned mind.


“Once a player starts working on the right aspects of mental development, quite literally anything becomes possible with their performance and results.”

My true purpose

Investigating & studying the mind

Dedicated my life

Examining everything possible

The wisest and most enlightened

Always seeking a more complete understanding.

High level performance

Using the mind in a more effective way

The best in the world

The most recognized & renowned teachers

Studying these ancient teachings

Incredible benefits of using specific practices

Developing my knowledge

Skills like in a silence and stillness

Integrating this understanding

Like rocket fuel for my development

Not just in theory

Suddenly I could see the whole landscape
about me – my story

My true purpose has always been researching, investigating and studying the mind.  For more than two decades I have dedicated the vast majority of my life into this exploration, always remaining open to new discoveries, whilst questioning and examining everything possible about the way the human mind really works.

I have studied with & researched the wisest & most enlightened scholars, the most acclaimed teachers, psychologists, guru’s & philosophers, always seeking a more complete understanding of the mind and in particular how this can be simplified and implemented into the field of high level performance, especially into sports where an athletes performance can drastically improve by using their mind in a more effective way.

During this time I’ve worked with and along side some of the best in the world, crossing multiple platforms. Having spent the previous 7 years in particular studying and learning with some of the most recognized and renowned teachers in the field of:

  • Self-realization
  • Mindfulness
  • Inner stillness
  • Self-awareness
  • The inner voice
  • Meditation

True wisdom

Studying these ancient teachings truly gave me an opportunity to understand the incredible benefits of using specific practices and exercises to help better understand the mind.  

It quickly became apparent that I needed to take some time to research all of the greatest teachers of this body of work. The more I studied the incredible teachings the more people I became connected to, helping me to further develop my knowledge in this area. I knew it was imperative to familiarize myself with the intricacies of this work from a personal perspective not just from an intellectual level.

Integrating this understanding and actually practicing these ideas was like rocket fuel for my development, filling in many of the gaps in how the mind actually works in practice and not just theory. It was like taking off in a helicopter, coming out of a forest, suddenly I could see the whole landscape.  Inner self knowledge is the same, once we learn what we have been missing, our possibilities in every moment dramatically change and the overall effect can be simply staggering.


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My philosophies

“It’s authentically an inner journey, where through my discoveries, I strive to be the best version of myself, whilst working to help others ”
Stop & take 20 secondswork with me
My Philosophies
The aim of my philosophies is to incorporate the ideas & principals I endeavor to hold true within my own life, as I play, work & endeavor to understand more about all of the extraordinary experiences that come my way.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is to always aim to”learn more”. This simple, yet extremely important Ingredient, is factored into everyone of my decisions, experiences & adventures, helping me to use every moment & situation as a great teacher.   

My Present Understanding

“It’s authentically an inner journey, where through my discoveries, I strive to be the true version of myself, whilst working to help others uncover there own true potential ”

My One Word

“Freedom” This one word encapsulates many of the reasons behind my research and study.  The mind either opens up your world & delivers you into the hands of freedom, or it does the opposite. The more I learn, the free’eeer I become.

My Wish for Myself

To expand my level of awareness & freedom, living more in the present moment, whilst deepening my understanding about real self knowledge.

My Wish for Myself with Others

To share these incredible discoveries with others who are also hungry and eager to experience true understanding & freedom from an unconditioned mind

My Most Important Book

“The Secret of Letting Go” – by Guy Finley.  This book was the true guiding light when it came to deepening my understanding about the true power or punishment of the mind.

My Journey

The happiest pursuit of my life

The happiest pursuit of my life

my journey

The journey into studying the mind has been the happiest pursuit of my life. To get the opportunity to be immersed in investigating the human experience and discovering the most effective ways to use our mind as a tool rather than our enemy, has been fascinating and extremely fulfilling. 

My search for answers has taken me across five continents, seeking the greatest people and most enlightened souls on the planet, with the most developed perspectives, who could share their authentic discoveries with me about living with a free and uncluttered mind.
Traveling through numerous parts of Asia, across North America, Australia, South Africa, Europe and the Middle East all gave me invaluable insights. However after starting my journey in London I finally made my home in West Hollywood, Los Angeles beneath the Hollywood hills.
Los Angeles is a hot bed for attracting many of the most successful people on the planet from all walks of life. I knew that many of the greatest authors, philosophers, self-help gurus, psychologists and spiritual teachers tended to be based there or often made appearances in The City of Angels.
LA was indeed pivotal in my development as it afforded me the opportunity to meet a number of remarkable people including one of the most renowned authors and experts in the field of self-realization and self understanding in the world.
Benefiting from this new connection and friendship I began investigating a completely new body of work when it came to the mind, with the emphasis on internal understanding, including principles such as self-realization, mindfulness, Inner stillness, self-awareness, the inner voice and meditation.

Learning from the best

The real truth, and I suppose secret to my entire understanding and perspective is that I didn’t just study the mind from an intellectual level, I lived my discoveries.
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“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” Rumi

Learning from the best

My 3 questions

All of the challenges I had experienced in my own life, along with the numerous questions people and elite athletes had consistently asked me to answer over the years, were beginning to not just be revealed, but it was quite literally like unlocking the secrets to a successful life, which wasn’t possible without a true understanding of the mind. 

During all of those years of research I would always return to these 3 questions:

  • How can I keep improving myself?
  • Who are the best people I can learn from?
  • What is the most significant factor in learning to use the mind in a more effective way?

In many ways these questions fuelled my desire to keep searching for the truth of the mind.

I could tell you that I did all of this for my career or to achieve fame and fortune, but when you begin to discover the truth about the mind, so much of that noise begins to fall away.

I have enjoyed financial and business success over the years, owned expensive sports cars, luxury real estate, traveled the globe, stayed at the best hotels and hob-knobbed with some of the most successful people on the planet, but none of this even slightly compares to the discoveries of learning about your own mind, because those discoveries lead towards internal psychological freedom.

The real truth, and I suppose secret to my entire understanding and perspective is that I didn’t just study the mind from an intellectual level, I lived my discoveries. I sacrificed parts of my life to spend time around the greatest minds in the world, learning from the true experts and journeying into the discoveries of the most accomplished experts whether past or present, hungry to learn about everything connected to reaching true human potential and ultimately discovering an authentic peace within.

So my work is not just a theory, it is a personal exploration into authentic internal understanding. True inner work takes a lifetime, however that is not to say that extraordinary changes can’t take place immediately in a person ready for change.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”  The teacher is not me, it’s you!  But what all of us need is a guide to help us understand how to help ourselves become our teacher.



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