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“My initial role is predominantly that of a guide more so than a coach or teacher, meaning that the very BEST WAY to help a person to get better, is to help them to see for themselves their real problem.  Once the main problem is exposed, we don’t have to waste any time working on the wrong things.


In the world of sports, every person, team or franchise is judged on their results.  Figuring out the real problem is a hugely undervalued skill.  I know that once a player can see the truth of their situation for themselves, incredible results become possible.

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The mental coach

The Infinite Quest

The truth is, what I do is simple in Concept. I help you to begin to remove everything that’s mentally blocking your potential.

What would happen to your results if you were able to use your mind in a more Effective, Focused and Positive way. I’ll help you learn to do that.

What I do is not for everyone, but if you made it here at least you get to make this important choice for yourself after consuming the right information:


CHOICE 1: Continue feeling and feeding Unconscious Psychological pain, under performing and blaming outside circumstances for your misfortune and poor results.


CHOICE 2: Learn what it is like to play with a free mind and discover what it is like to perform without the familiar “Mental Demons” that you don’t tell anyone about.

CONCLUSION: Is it really a hard choice.


The most common problem amongst world class athletes, is the inability to use their own mind correctly.  It sounds so simple, but “most players are doing well” in spite of their mind, not because of it.  Do you know how crazy that is?

Once a player starts working on the right aspects of mental development, quite literally anything becomes possible with their performance and results.  Releasing a player from the usual negative thinking and pattens, especially during difficult moments, can completely rejuvenate a players attitude, outlook and even entire career.

The ultimate mental power

“There’s one thing I do know and that is you are here for a reason” Jonathan Kent – Superman Movie 1978

”Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh


Confidence is the most over used And misunderstood word in sports

beyond Confidence

Confidence is the most over used and misunderstood word in sports. In actual fact confidence is so elusive at times, it is more of a myth, than a reality for most top athletes and yet you have been placing your trust in it for all of these years.

“Just be confident is what you hear over and over again”..  Without even realizing it, so many athletes mistakenly spend their time working on the wrong mental approach.  So much wasted time trying to build confidence. 

Confidence for most athletes is a byproduct of good play and because of this, its appearance is way too conditional and unpredictable.  It can be here one minute and gone the next.  Do you really want to put your trust and career in something that fragile?

At best it’s an unreliable friend and at worst its like an dysfunctional relationship.  Sometimes it shows up on time and makes you believe in it all over again, but as you know better than most, the majority of the time, it’s elusive, unreliable and down right mental suicide to continuously place your trust in something that so often lets you down. But after all, what is your alternative?

Self-awareness is the real confidence!

What if I was to tell you that not only is there an alternative, but its far more reliable and powerful than confidence when correctly understood and implemented.

Once you begin to understand for yourself:

  • Learning self-awareness
  • Understanding observation
  • Developing your attention

Explained in an even simpler way, you might say its the practicing of inner silence, stillness and mental space.  Understanding the benefits of a quiet mind is the purist form of confidence available and its not reliant on good play.

In fact you can actually use difficult events and less than perfect results to learn more about yourself.  You then begin to see that no moment or situation is actually set against you, instead it is there to teach you something about yourself that you didn’t know.  This is a complete role reversal from what you have been used to in the past.

“Everything that irritates us about others, can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” – Carl Jung


Principles like understanding high level self awareness, the psychological benefits of mindfulness and meditation and the unfashionable yet dynamic principles behind silence and stillness.

“Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.”

– Jon Kabat-Zinn



I use and incorporate the very best principles, practices and skills, from many of the great teachers I’ve studied. Principles like understanding high level self awareness, the psychological benefits of mindfulness and meditation and the unfashionable yet dynamic principles behind silence and stillness.

I do all of this to help an athlete develop powerful and critical skills in the areas that will really affect their performance, for example:

  • Developing enhanced attention
  • Increased levels of self belief
  • True laser focus
  • Complete freedom when performing
  • Letting go of any negativity
  • Learning to conserve mental energy

All when correctly understood and implemented allows a completely new level of mental freedom in whatever their chosen discipline.

Possibilities change and results can come quickly when the student is prepared to do the required mental work.  Always remember there are no shortcuts to a truly free mind.

“I am working my way towards becoming one of the leading coaches in the world when it comes to teaching athletes how to BECOME PRESENT, especially during the most pressurized situations where the result of the game is on the line.” DM

“Wisdom is always an overmatch for strength” ~ Phil Jackson

6 STEPS To developing your INNER POWER

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

improve Your performance by more than 50%

how to develop your unknown

inner power

“Be the silence that listens”

~Tara Brach

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Step 2 How I can help

Step 3 Knowing my weakness, is a strength

Step 4 Making the most of my talent

Step 5 True inner strength revealed

Step 6 Maximizing my potential



I’ll tell you this, if you truly commit to the process I will help you to become better mentally than you have ever been before in your life!”

step 1 starts with you

Two very powerful practices

Although it is almost incredible to believe that in such an advanced world of technology and the unrestricted access to knowledge that we have in 2018, many of the principles and practices I have “researched and studied” still remain unknown or misunderstood. 

So it is certainly not unrelated that most players at the very pinnacle of top class sports, still dramatically undervalue the importance of their own mind, causing consistently bad results, emotional heartache and in more cases, than most are prepared to admit, can experience extreme amounts of psychological pain. 

  1. I’ll help you learn how to increase your self-awareness, which is very important when learning to use your mind in a more effective way.  This in turn helps you change your relationship to your thoughts and thinking.
  1. I’ll help you understand what it truly means to have True Inner Silence and Stillness when you are competing.

This alone drastically changes your relationship with negativity and deepens your understanding in some very critical areas that begin to have a significant impact on everything else especially results.

STEP 2 how i can help

The truth I need to know, about my own mind
The truth I need to know about my own mind

STEP 2 how i can help

It starts with rising above the level of your current mind.  If you can’t listen to these ideas, if you already think you have the answers, you are in a very difficult position.  Change requires “Letting go” or at least putting to one side what you think you know and “Opening up to new possibilities” especially where the mind is concerned.
  • The real reason is almost too simple for most to accept at first, but you have to be different
  • Without realizing it, your own mind can become your biggest enemy
  • Every single one of the athletes that I work with have extraordinary physical talents
  • You have worked to perfect your craft over thousands of hours of practice and in most cases are amongst the very best players in the world

Maximize my talent


What is stopping me from reaching my potential? – or even exceeding it!


“Your own mind is getting in the way”


If you are brave enough and wise enough to come this far, my role becomes simple. Help you to see the truth of why this happens and then together work to make that current weakness, your biggest strength..


Can I help


Can you change


Is it hard work

Potential world ranking


I’m so confident in the capability of your authentic mind
world class mental power

step 3

knowing your weakness is a strength

When it comes to world class athletes, if a player is performing below their potential, the truth in most situations is that it is a mental issue rather than a physical one.

  • Many athletes immediately place the blame on their physical skills, rather than recognizing the fact that the area with the most room for improvement is with their mental development. 
  • It is not uncommon for players to be slow in admitting this fact believing it demonstrates weakness. When the truth of the matter is that admitting any type of mental limitation is an inner strength in itself.
  • Developing true inner strength starts with identifying and recognizing the areas of the mind that are blocking potential.
  • I’m always quick to reassure an athlete that this is a significant step towards real change and one of the most courageous forms of invisible toughness that anyone can ever demonstrate.
  • Incredible things become possible when an athlete recognizes and then commits to doing the real inner work necessary. It’s about going beyond temporary or surface change, rather than simply learning tips and tricks to help them gain short-term results, together we work to install permanent change.
  • True self belief and an authentic internal freedom only becomes possible when we journey inwards. It is undeniable that a person’s greatest power lies within.  When you discover that fact for yourself, inner self knowledge becomes the most extraordinary adventure.

STEP 2 – how i can help you

step 4 Making the most of your talent

True mental power

step 4 Making the most of your talent

true power of the mind
The most common human disease is the inability to stop thinking, constantly consumed by thoughts of the past or future, never spending any time in the “present moment”, instead living in a world of useless and habitual thoughts.

  1. I specialize in helping elite athletes to discover, understand and then use their authentic mind, which ultimately unlocks their true mental power, whether in or out of competition
  1. This level of self understanding is synonymous with creating advanced levels of: self belief, improved focus and something we see with almost all great champions, the unique ability to focus on their desired task when it really counts.
  1. I have discovered largely unknown and yet extremely powerful practices, exercises and ways of truly helping an athlete use their mind as their most powerful tool, rather than being unknowingly lost fighting their invisible enemy.
  1. As new understanding begins to deepen, they can begin to develop a completely “new level of attention and concentration” that is no longer constantly distracted by previous patterns and memories, rather It becomes possible to focus completely on their desired task, which immediately removes previous distractions and leads to a more peaceful state of mind, allowing them to play their best.
  1. One of the most powerful ways I coach individuals or teams is to learn what it truly means to be fully present, or in the moment.
  1. Discovering and then understanding this true level of inner stillness gives an individual a completely new set of possibilities that basically didn’t exist before.


step 5 True inner strength Revealed

The End of Negativity

Step 5 –  True inner Strength Revealed

THE END OF NEGATIVITY… After years of research I began to understand why every single one of the athletes I had ever played against or coached, suffered with any or all of the following negative psychological conditions:

  • Performance anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Talking to yourself
  • Doubt
  • The inability to stop thinking
  • Unable to sleep
  • Thoughts of giving up
  • Actually giving up
  • Breakdown of relationships both professionally and personally
  • and last but not least Never ending Psychological pain, whether they are winning or losing

The above list might seem too extreme or even negative.

However the truth is, if you have ever experienced one or in some cases all of the above conditions, you’ll know that when those emotional states take hold of your mind you can feel totally lost, as if there is no escaping the grip they have over you.

It’s true, sometimes these conditions would only last for a few seconds and at other times they felt like they could last for what seemed like a lifetime.

I am one of the very few people in sports, that truly understands why an athlete or any human being for that matter, experiences endless negative emotions, feelings or thoughts and more importantly, what to do the next time that happens.


BEING PRESENT is not just critical to the success of an athlete, in the majority of cases it is the determining factor between success and failure.
Learning to be more present

step 6 – maximizing my potential

Here are some of the major principles I work on when helping a player maximize their potential.
  • Learning about the Inner Voice
  • Developing attention
  • Learning the value of internal stillness and silence
  • Understanding true self observation
  • Recognizing the value of your true BFF: belief, focus and freedom
Each one of these five principals is building towards the single most important element in consistently achieving one’s highest level of performance, that is the ability to BE PRESENT as often as possible.

Being Present

1. BEING PRESENT is not just critical to the success of an athlete, in the majority of cases it is the determining factor between success and failure.

Rocket Fuel

2. Learning for yourself how to BECOME PRESENT during the execution of the required task, is like rocket fuel and I have truly recognized the significant importance of these skills in top-level sports.

Stillness & Silence

3. We are at the beginning of a new era of mental coaching where something spectacular in the world is starting to happen. More and more high-level coaches are beginning to see and discuss the benefits of daily practices of stillness and silence.

Mindfulness & Meditation

4. Combining the teachings of true ancient wisdom like mindfulness, self-awareness and meditation, with the most cutting edge scientific knowledge, is an optimal formula for extraordinary performance.

Results & Longevity

5. Not only will this increase the athletes results in the short term, but will dramatically help the longevity of their mental health whether in or out of competition.
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