your power is in your awareness

A Special KINd OF INNER Seeing

It’s about pushing your own inner boundaries & tapping into a deeper reservoir of mental potential

Taking the mental leap


  • When asking a number of world-class athletes, what is more important to there success, physical or mental skills?  Do you know their answer?

Now consider this simple idea:

  • What makes the most significant difference between two equally talented world-class athletes? Again do you know the answer.
  • Understanding why the answers to these questions are so important, begins to quite literally change your thinking towards the most important area to focus on in your game.
  • Don’t waste your potential working hard on the wrong things, commit to discovering your own inner mental strength and take the leap towards the best results of your life.
“The mental part is the hardest part, and I think that’s what separates the good players from the great players.” – Michael Jordan

Silence is a source of great strength – Lao Tzu


Silence Stillness & SPACE

“To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.” 

― Jiddu Krishnamurti

stopJust come to a complete standstill for 20 seconds
Mindfulness, self-awareness & meditation are extremely important practices in correctly learning to focus our mind & being aware of when it drifts

learning to quiet the mind

awareness practices

Starting a daily practice can significantly deepen your understanding & begin some pretty startling changes towards your psychological and emotional responses, especially during pressure moments.
true inner strength

Developing mindfulness


Master Inner Silence

Learning the true secret to total inner silence & the advantages of not constantly talking to myself

True Self-Awareness

Learning how to significantly Increase my levels of True Self-awareness along with expanding my observation

Developing my attention

Learning the unique ability to take total authority over my attention, allowing my belief, focus & freedom to be 100%

Practicing Mindfulness

The secret behind mindfulness is just to start. The very act of learning to watch your mind changes your relationship to it.

Working with Attention Exercises

Learning to develop our attention is an incredibly powerful tool, especially when practiced using mindfulness.

Observing our Own Mind

The simplest & yet most difficult practice for most is to learn to observe our own mind, the benefits are endless.

Listening to a Guided Meditations

Below you will find short guided meditations especially created to introduce you to the value of learning true self observation.

Moving 10% Slower

When you actually stop and observe yourself, you realize that you spend your entire life rushing, start slowing down.

Letting Go of the Past

Unknowingly we carry so much from our past, in the form of memories & thoughts.  Learn to let go of it all.

I walk into the wilderness, away from the light
My world turns to darkness, as I enter the fight – Dave Marsh


An authentic investigation

Studying the mind on an authentic level is really an investigation into the the truth of who you are beyond your thoughts.


Towards the end of 2016 I started writing my first book, as I absorb myself in the process I found myself understanding even more about the intricacies of what I had been researching, learning and contemplating over the last two decades.  One day I just started writing poetry or more accurately stated, it started writing me.


I decided to share some of these poems because just as music is able to transcend the Intellect and connect straight to the heart, I believe poetry can open your heart and Illuminate your soul, which are important steps when entering into the primarily uncharted parts of your mind.


Power poetry for the soul

Real & authentic change comes from the inside out
Here are some poems I wrote, I hope they give you an insight into your own mind – Dave

Live a New Way

I walk into the wilderness, away from the light. My world turns to

Take Back my Life

It lies in wait, hidden from the eye Seems who I am, a familiar cry Revenge and judgment, it fails to

This is Divine

It stirs and haunts me, just like a dream. The negativity strengthens, the desire to scream

The Sword

Temptation within me, to trust what is false. Manipulation it’s ally

The Truth Returns at Last

I walk in to the jungle of my mind, thoughts not on my side The familiar pattern we all know

Let the False be in the Past

I knew that I’d come back to you, I’m glad I braved the rain. But now

See the Light

Step aside and don’t you fear From misty eyes comes the reveal Was asleep and lost in a shadow


Live a new way


I walk into the wilderness, away from the light
My world turns to darkness, as I enter the fight
Faculties stolen, thoughts handed to me
Getting ready for battle, here comes the false me


Obsessed by desire, I must get what I want
I’ll stop at nothing, to be way out in front
Can’t tell pain from the victory, so confused is the pleasure
Handed over my life, all the time for false treasure


If the journey seems hard, I’m on the wrong trail
No need to continue, if I win still I fail
The lies and the heartache, run deep through my blood
False thoughts and false feelings, carried off like a flood


Combat riddled with sensation, again feeding the fake
Like I’m back in the garden, alone with the snake
Took a bite from the apple, now I’m ‪lost in the trees
My own lies do they punish, again fall to my knees


Resistance disturbance, the problems nonstop
The punishing feelings, all around me on top
Aspirations and yearning, are at first my best friend
Only pain in the suffering, will be felt in the end


The pain if i hide it, will remain as my own
The king was dismantled, the knowledge unknown
To pray for awareness, to see in the dark
If I’d only stop running, I can’t miss the mark


No wisdom to find, in a world lost at best
Started out as an angel, now I’m missing my quest
The war inside bolstered, won’t prevail in the end
The voice that is talking, is no longer my friend


Like a monster swimming deep, on the great ocean floor
I remember the power, the belief and the call
The command to end punishing, unrelenting make believe
Something wants to hold on, demanding I grieve


Emotional anarchy, the restlessness grows
Semblance the long winter, the truth remains froze
The remnant of gospel, to embrace the divine
As I turned to the light, in the haze now I’m flying


As I break through the surface, the pressure was tight
My brawn it’s not needed, but a new kind of might
No one knows of the twilight, the soft glow from on high
When the light is beneath me, my horizons the sky


All this light now within me, self remembrance a glow
The hurts getting clear now, the pain free to go
What I went through was needed, a sacrifice I must pay
Finally have been woken, to live a new way


By Dave Marsh

the sword

the sword

Temptation within me, to trust what is false
Manipulation it’s ally, the creature the wolf
Ripped limb from limb, not the physical but in mind
Total miss-understanding, the voice at first kind


It snarls and it growls, so ferocious the beast
Hungry the willing, unaware I’m the feast
The tricks and deception, betrayal its supreme
Deceit and the cunning, still locked in the dream


Anxiety worry, the delusion builds stronger
The nerves and the doubt, I won’t last any longer
The whole of my life, tormented by fear
Emotions pour down, has me locked inside here


It’s working me over, unable to breathe
The feelings dishonest, just like a thief
Upside down forever, it’s turning me over
Every step that I take, looking over my shoulder


Won’t live with the turmoil, get crushed in the stampede
The cut it’s not real, the wound it can’t bleed
Time it moves quickly, when I’m under attack
My essence been stolen, the shirt from my back


Wake up, wake up, in illusion immersed
The dream it’s not real, can’t get any worse
Emotional darkness, psychological laceration
Correspondence infected, time to end conversation


Heartbeat grows faster, the pulse it explodes
The truth getting nearer, the lies they are shown
Can’t fall any further, it’s best shot my reward
The touch of the truth, cuts me free like the sword



By Dave Marsh

Let the false be in the past

Let the false be in the past


I knew that I’d come back to you, I’m glad I braved the rain
But now its time, forget the storm and let go of the pain
The rain it surely feels like me, but it was never really real
I spent my life inside the storm, now at last comes the reveal


To come out from behind the clouds, to see at last the sun
A life of darkness disappears, freedom now to run
To see so clearly that I listen to it, I thought I knew the voice
To access truer knowledge now, I finally earned a choice


When the winds gathers force, just remember myself, a look up to the sky
Take back my freedom, take back my heart, its time to say goodbye
The truth remains, I was never lost, just forgotten my orientation
Every time the train arrived in life, got off at the wrong station


A mistaken purpose of my life, what is false and what is good
My new task now to remember myself, no longer misunderstood
This true remembrance a gift from high, a blessing from divine
When the storm hits next and the rain pours down, i’ll just take it as a sign


Whether thunder or lightning or tidal waves, the storm it came for me
These storms that were against me, are now my chance to see
So the next time, in the eye of the storm, no need to be brave
There’s nothing set against me,  the truth is there to save


A chance to taste the pour of spirit, the evidence I was blind
Incredible persistence of the truth, so much peace to find
A chance proclaimed to find true love, a type of reincarnation
And if i work to know myself, so comes illumination


I’m ready to see the whole of it, its appearance no surprise
The angelic wisdom, as the truth gets clearer, the dawning of new eyes
So all at once the past undone, the suffering ends at last
My time best spent remembering truth, let the false be in the past



By Dave Marsh

Take back my life

Take back my life

verse 1

It lies in wait, hidden from the eye
Seems who I am, a familiar cry
Revenge and judgment, it fails to see
All of the harm, it does to me

verse 2

Life out of control, the bounce the roll
It’ll damage anyone, it has no soul
Thoughts emotions, feelings too
All set against me, I never knew

verse 3

Steals my soul and my true being
Sets out to punish, to block the seeing
Its pain on me, the kiss of death
Leaves you and I without our breath

verse 4

It suggests it blames, lives in the dark
A wild animal, a killer shark
Will stop at nothing, to get its way
It hurts it steals, has lots to say

verse 5

Pressures and pokes, a relentless call
It’s always suggesting, I take the fall
I listen I act, starting to see
The massive harm, its done to me

verse 6

So now I know, I ask I yelp
The truth divine, I need some help
This thing that has taken, over my life
To pray for freedom, to drop the strife


verse 7

But in its punishment, on my true being
It’s getting evident now, bring on the seeing
I no longer have to live, under this false self
I feel the light, an eternal wealth

verse 8

This can take time, it matters not
My own true soul, I had forgot
Take back my life, the time is here
Finally the false, can disappear

by Dave Marsh

The truth returns at last

the truth returns at last

I walk in to the jungle of my mind, thoughts not on my side
The familiar pattern, as I step on to the ride
Convincing me to listen, I’ve done that all my life
We both know the outcome, the endless pain and strife


I didn’t always know the way, but my heart lead me to search
Then one day something fresh arrived, a new way to see the earth
At first I didn’t understand its plan, but I stayed on this new course
After days and nights of prayers, I felt at last the verse


There is a price to pay for truth, a special kind of cost
So I’ll just say this to you, I know right now you’re lost
You might be able to fake it good, but you and I know the deal
So don’t be afraid of what you’ll see, the times arrived for real


So take the step, remember this, just let go of the past
Because when you work to know yourself, the truth returns at last



By Dave Marsh

see the light

see the light

Step aside and don’t you fear
From misty eyes, comes the reveal
Was asleep and lost in a shadow fight
Wake up, wake up and see the light


Enticing and creeping, it’s taken over
Thrust down on me, my powerless soldier
Instructions come, to use the fist
Release is possible, must not resist


Identification, consumes us all
To give up that life, not eternal fall
It took me over, doesn’t matter how
It’s not for me, I see that now


I don’t need power, I just need light
I don’t need fighting, I just need sight
I don’t need voices, I just need proof
I don’t need you, I just need truth

By Dave Marsh


this is divine

It stirs and haunts me, just like a dream
The negativity strengthens, the desire to scream
If I do that, it’ll have its way
So I’ll stay quiet, nothing to say


It can’t stand silence, it hates the peace
My life is mine, won’t sign the lease
No more payments, not to it
I’ve seen the price, it’s time to quit


Engulfed submerged, under it’s alluring spell
My life on earth, can feel like hell
It’s why there’s conflict, miss-trust and war
Always pushing me, to settle a score


It thrives on blindness, won’t let me see
The non-stop harm, to you and me
Physical strength, is useless here
Cause if I fight, I’ll disappear


With useless fighting, doomed to its trap
To remain in darkness, a perpetual nap
As you walk in sleep, the false it grows
The pain inside, that no one knows


An elaborate hoax, a hidden key
But as you work, you will break free
The price to pay, to give it up
To ask for help, an empty cup


Belief means nothing, this is divine
Give up the false, give back not mine
The light is coming, your time is now
As you stand before it, no need to bow


Instead you turn to face the beast
You’ve been consumed, you were the feast
Go in to it, as it’s done to you
Explore and study, you will break through


The false the fear, clenched by its grip
Man overboard, jump from the ship
With one right action, step to the light
End it’s persuasion, learn not to fight


Its scales and levels, above the line
Its truth, It’s love, this is divine



By Dave Marsh

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